Non Magnetic Drilling Products

Non Magnetic Drill Collars

Schoeller-Bleckmann Non Mag Drill Collars are manufactured with a higher content of Chromium, Molybdenum, Nitrogen and other alloy elements to increase pitting corrosion resistance and stress corrosion resistance.

Non Magnetic Sleeves

Knust-SBD can manufacture all type of Non Magnetic Sleeves with a variety of Hard Facing options including Laser carbide overlay.

Non Magnetic X-Overs, Subs & Tools

Non Mag X-Over Subs, Saver Subs, UBHO Subs, Stabilizer Mandrels and all types of Non Magnetic Tools can be manufactured by our Singapore facilities.

Non Magnetic Stabilizers

Knust-SBD manufactures Non Magnetic Integral Blade Stabilizers from sizes 4-3/4″ thru 17-7/8″

Non Magnetic Flex Joints

Non mag compressive strength Drill Pipe, Flex Joints and NM HWDP can be built to specification by Knust-SBD

Non Magnetic Raw Material

Knust-SBD’s offers the complete Schoeller Bleckmann Non Magnetic material portfolio including P530, P530HS, P540, P550, P650, P670, P670HS,  P690, P750, P750HS and N850. A large inventory of material is available ex stock Singapore.

Darron Oil Tools

Integral blade stabilizers (4145H)

Darron Oil Tools alloy stabilizers are manufactured from AISI 4145H Modified steel and can be provided in a variety of configurations including straight blade, 210, 270 and 360 degree wrap. Hard Facing can be customized to meet your individual requirements by our experienced welders.

DR Model 60 Reamer

The Darron Oil Tools DR Model 60 Series  Roller Reamer is a Non Sealed Bearing Roller Reamer that can be provided in sizes from 5-7/8″ to 34″ and can be fitted soft, medium and hard cutters depending on your application.

Large Hole Range Hole Openers – LHS Series

The Darron Large Range of Hole Openers are designed specifically for big hole applications and are a simple but rugged design. Excellent circulation is achieved by strategic placement of nozzles and Cutters are available in soft, medium and hard types.

Hardfacing Types

Knust-SBD offer a complete range of Hardfacings to suit all drilling conditions. Worldwide experience has assisted us to develop improvements on wear characteristics and matrix hardness in addition to extensive in-house research in bonding. Laser Carbide overlay is also available on a wide variety of products.

DRS Sealed bearing roller reamers

The DRS series reamer is designed to give maximum rotating hours downhole and to minimize rig time whilst changing over assemblies. This is achieved by rugged but simple construction with the addition of a lubricated and sealed bearing system.

Single Stage Integral Hole Openers – SHI Series

The Darron SHI Hole Openers is a fully integral design which eliminates the need for any welding on the body or cutter arms. The body and arms are hardfaced for protection and sealed bearing Cutters are available in soft, medium and hard types

Stabilizer Mandrels

The Darron  Sleeve Type Stabilizer Mandrel is available in either string or nearbit configurations and is produced in a full range of hole sizes. The integral design eliminates the need for internal connections and is engineered for easy make up at the rigsite.

Stabilizer Sleeves

Darron Stabilizer Sleeves have been designed as rig-replaceable units to help minimize inventory and to mitigate logistics difficulties that could be associated with integral blade stabilizers. The full range of Darron hardfacing can be applied to the sleeves.

Circulating Sub

The Darron Circulating Sub is a single activation type drop ball circulating sub that can be used for a variety of drilling applications including drilling, fishing and coring.

Rotary Subs and X-Overs

Knust-SBD can manufacture a wide range of rotary subs and tools which conform to API Spec 7-1 and customer specifications. A large range of API thread gauges are available from 2-3/8″ to 8-5/8″