SBO non-magnetic steel has a particularly high degree of purity and undergoes special processess such as cold forging and surface finishing to give a high resistance to stress corrosion.

The standard material P530 is enhanced by P540, P550, P580, P650, P670, P690 and P750. The stainless steel alloys, P550, P580, P650, P670, P690 have a higher chromium and nitrogen content, which provides greater resistance to pitting corrosion (pitting). At the same time, the material has better mechanical properties and improved fatigue resistance. Our material type P750 also represents a competitive alternative to conventional Nickel-Base alloys such as INC 718.

N850 is a new Nickel-Base material on the market which provides highest mechanical strength combined with a corrosion resistance beyond most of the standard Nickel-base alloys.

The P650, P670, P690 and P750 materials are also available in high strength variants that have even higher mechanical properties.